Meet Our People

Welcome to our family of passionate, driven and ambitious professionals striving to create an inspiring community of like-minded individuals.

VMI core team

Van Tran
Learning Specialist, Philips

Van T. is an HR Specialist in Learning and Development, who holds an unshakable belief that everyone can become a CHO – Chief Happiness Officer of their chosen path.

My Nguyen
Business Development Manager, Elsa Ed

My is a business strategist, an entrepreneur, an activist and an aspiring dancer. Her energy is irresistible and able to encourage everyone around her to shine in their own way.  That’s why in the team she is our #cheerleader.

Van Bui
Supply Chain Excellence Specialist, Shell

Van B. is a solution architect with a caregiver’s heart, a transformer with a creator’s mind. She likes rehearsing dramas with herself while in the shower and will mindfully be there for you when you truly need her.

Huong Hoang
Project Manager, Philips

Huong is a project manager, an observer, listener, thinker, and doer. She is down to earth and full of love, food, and laughter. Everyone can recognize her laughter from across the buildings for real.

VMI members

Jessica Milsom
Marketing Intern, SPEAK

Jessica is a K-pop loving, film devouring, dancing marketeer from England, Shanghai, The Netherlands, Taiwan and now Portugal. Really, don’t ask her where she is from, it’s a long story.

Communication Manager
Thu Bui
Event Planner, VSNL

Thu aspires to become a social media manager. She enjoys upsetting traditional expectations with experiments in beauty and behaviour. She is a caregiver and a milk-tea lover, so feel free to ask her out. #timefortea

Hanh Pham
IT Business Analyst, Signify

Hanh would like to think she is both ends of the spectrum | today in the Netherlands 🌷, tomorrow everywhere. #pinkteablackpot

Community Manager
Tessa Cao
Content Specialist, Holland Fintech

Ngoc Nguyen
Digital marketer

Huan Nguyen
Copywriter, o9 Solutions

Content Manager
Bich Vu
Digital marketer

Event Manager
Mia Nguyen
PM intern, Nissan Motor