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Workshop 1: Personal Core Values – Your Life Navigator

It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are Discovering your personal core values is …

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I am Giang – I am a Coach

Hi, I am Giang Pham – a Happiness coach. Do you often ask yourself these questions: “Who am I really?”; …

Life at the turnout: A take on life and career changes

See how Quynh Lu unhesitatingly
took on changes—moving to a new country, restarting her career path—and succeeded

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Làm việc ở Hà Lan dù tốt nghiệp ở đất nước khác?

Tâm Nguyễn, Data Analyst tại Plotwise, chia sẻ cách tìm việc ở Hà Lan dù tốt nghiệp ở đất nước khác.

So you Want to Start a Business in The Netherlands

A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better” – Richard Branson.  So you’ve got an idea, …

So You have Got a Job Offer: What is Next?

A word from our guest writer: Hi everyone, my name is Luy Dam. I’m currently a Sales controller (or in …

Should we all aim for a stress-free life?

Stress, whether at work or in our personal life, is a natural feeling that everyone encounters once in a while. …

HikiFood: Hành trình xây dựng kênh thương mại điện tử đầu tiên dành cho người Việt tại Hà Lan

This article is also available in English. Từ đầu năm nay, cái tên Hikifood có lẽ đã không còn xa …

HikiFood – Daring to be the first e-commerce site for Vietnamese in the Netherlands

This article is also available in Vietnamese. Starting your entrepreneurship journey is always difficult; but it is even more challenging …

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How to Switch Careers Like a Pro

Sponsorship, Direction, and Uncertainty