Personal Growth

From academia to the business world: How a CSO takes on her unconventional career path

See how former academic Hanh Nguyen, PhD., Chief Sustainability Officer at OCI N.V. first made her foray into the business world and took on changes

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Life at the turnout: A take on life and career changes

See how Quynh Lu unhesitatingly
took on changes—moving to a new country, restarting her career path—and succeeded

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Podcast Summary: Does Socializing at Work Always Need to be Awkward?

As we spend a third of our day at work, connecting and socializing with people in the office is an …

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Should we all aim for a stress-free life?

Stress, whether at work or in our personal life, is a natural feeling that everyone encounters once in a while. …

Finding Purpose Beyond your Desk

In June, 2020, I took a big step of turning my hobby into something more purposeful. It was exciting and completely nerve-wracking!

3 Tips for Personal Finance

Getting to Grips with Personal Finance is a lot like Building a House