I am Giang – I am a Coach

Hi, I am Giang Pham – a Happiness coach.

Do you often ask yourself these questions:

“Who am I really?”; “Why is it that everything goes according to the schedule of an ordinary person, but I am not really happy”; “What is the real purpose of my life?”; “ What I have achieved in my life is the ultimate happiness?”.

Like you, I was born and raised according to a predetermined pattern from the tradition and orientation of the family. My life went smoothly with the same milestones as other women: graduating from college, getting a job, and getting married.
Along with many experiences along the way, I often asked myself the above questions.
Deep down there is an urge to search for answers, but daily life keeps dragging me away and delaying my journey to go inside, to go inward to find my true self.

Photo: Giang Pham

Until one turbulent day, unexpected things happened to my life. Of course I was swept away and drowned in that storm. When I was in the middle of the storm, I realized that I really lacked a lot of survival skills: dealing with changes, controlling my strong emotions, re-orienting my life, personal core values… Those questions I’d asked myself over the years came back stronger than ever, and I understood one thing: All the external goals I’d achieved such as: career, family, money did not really bring true happiness if I didn’t connect those outer goals with the “Real Person” inside of me. During the time of facing and breaking through the unexpected events of a woman’s life, the strength that helps me to overcome is the values ​​that I find from within.

The so-called “unexpected events” that have helped me become WHO I AM today – A Happiness Coach for young women. I use my own life experiences along with the knowledge of psychology and happiness science learned from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC-USA) and Happiness Studies Academy (HSA – USA) to support and consult young women to design a Happy life for themselves.

The internal core values always accompany the pursuing and attaining of the external goals such as Career, Personal Development, Relationships, Finance.
Realizing external goals and finding inner values are two inseparable and unstoppable missions in every human’s life.

Personal information:
Giang Pham – Happiness Coach
Graduated from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
Master Practitioner Energy Leadership
Graduated from Happiness Studies Academy
Specializing in training and counseling for women in special stages of life: job change, psychological problems in love and marriage, life transition.

Keen to join us?

Register link: https://lu.ma/vmipersonalvalues

Date: 24/06/2021 (20:30 – 21:45)

The event consist of 2 parts:

​Part 1: Introduction and presentation by Giang Pham

​Part 2: Q&A

​***Let us help you solve your difficulties in life decision, career choice, personal issues by sending us your questions and concerns. Don’t worry because your names and personal information will be kept anonymously.

​Looking forward to seeing you!

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