Our Partners

Welcome to our partner page where you can find all the information about all the briliant organizations that we team up with to deliver best insights to our audiences.

Key partners

Our activities with Radio95z


Radio95z is an outlet where two Vietnamese formulate their thoughts, share their stories as well as others’ and ponder on their adult lives. The podcast is a kaleidoscope for them to look into the beauty of life.

Meet Quynh Ngo, a daydreamer who believes all extraordinary starts with “ordinary” and is still learning how to “land”. Meet Thao Lam, a byelingual going trylingual hoping one day she will dream in all three.

Our acticities with VPNN


VPNN is the Vietnamese Professionals Network in the Netherlands. Our mission is to create a platform for sharing ideas, career opportunities and quality networking among Vietnamese professionals and Vietnamese students in the Netherlands.

Our work extends beyond networking, as we help individuals to go through all stages of job applications via our one-to-one career coaching program. Through our approach, we aim to build a strong Vietnamese community in the Netherlands and help individuals to move their career forward.

Our activities with VSNE – Coming soon


VSNE (Vietnamese Startup Network in Europe) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2018 as the first community for Viet-connected entrepreneurs and startups from all around Europe.

Event partners

Our activities with Foreo


FOREO is a wildly creative Swedish beauty-tech brand created to provide every beauty lover in the world with products that actually work. Imagine that. So, if you’re the type to celebrate INTEGRITY in humans, businesses and technology (and you’re into beautifying peoples’ lives), FOREO just might be the place for you.

Our activities with GGI

Girl Gone International

Girl Gone International is a thriving, fast growing worldwide community of 500,000+ international womxn with local communities in over 200 cities.

We are on a mission to connect, represent and empower the 112 million womxn living outside the country of their birth. We co-create local and global community, offer safety, support and friendship so that together we can go farther in every area of life no matter where we are or where we come from.